Scorpion and the Frog 1

There was a scorpion wanted to cross the river, because there are no more food at this side of the river, unless the Scorpion cross over the other side of the river, it will starve to death.
However, the scorpion can not swim, it can only stand helplessly looking at the other side of the river.
While the Scorpion desperately looking for ways to cross the river, it finally sees a frog.
Scorpion begged the frog: “Can you please bring me across the other side of the river?”

Frog shook his head: “I can’t take this risk, Scorpion, if you sting me while we cross the river,I would be died!”

Scorpion promised, it said: “I ​​will not even think of it, if I sting you, I will also drown.”

The Frog hesitated for a while but finally agreed to Scorpion’s request.

It was alright in the beginning of the journey, but when they are around the middle of the river, The Scorpion started attaching the frog. They fought and the frog was stung by the Scorpion.

The dying frog ask the Scorpion in disbelief: “Why do you do that, don’t you know this will kill us both?”

Scorpion reluctantly replied: “I do not want to, but I just can’t help it, this is my nature!”

Many of us gave excuses when something doesn’t went right and blame that their nature causes it. In the case of the Scorpion,this might be true, but for the Human Being, this is not quite true. You see, we are born into this world knowing very little, with no skill, no knowledge, no experience but we are given ability to think, to analyse, to decide, what action we took, are not because of our nature, because we don’t really have much ‘nature’.  most of our behaviours are very much acquired, through our environment, through things we experienced. the main difference between us and the Scorpion is; we have choices.



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