Old habit die hard? Not any more!

Everybody realized children can acquired a new behavior pretty quickly, as long as they think it make sense to them, they can adopt it so easily and do it so readily.

how nice if we adult did not loose this ability over the years of growing up!Why the same does not apply to adults, you might ask? this is because we adult have been filled full in-term of our belief and habit compare to children whom their brain is sill develop and still have a lot of capacity to hold many more things.

As adult, once we get used to doing thing a certain way, we’ll stick to doing it that way, this is due to the fact that our sub-conscious are quite ‘lazy’ they will control us in a way that we use least effort to perform a task, if we can walk, we’ll not run, if we can stand, we’ll not walk, and if we can sit, we’ll not stand …….  for eg, if smoking a stick of cigarette make you feel good, you’ll not go for a 5 km run to make you feel good (some really think they feel good after a run). not that smoking is good for your health.

So, if a habit of yours formed, it most likely was being interpreted as the most efficient way of doing certain thing.  In-order to remove a so-called ‘bad habit’, solely depending on ‘will power’ which is controlled by our conscious mind might not get good result.  Ever heard of a joke “quit smoking is easy, I’ve done that many time!”.  This is why for some, they can ‘quit’ smoking for so many times and still get the habit back.  For others who go on a diet , loose some weight and the weight yoyo back on.  That is because they did not replace the ‘bad habit’ with an alternative behavior, hence, to effectively replace a ‘bad habit’, there are 2 things you need to do:

  1. To think of something to do, or another alternative way of doing it (the ‘bad habit’) that will achieve the same effect you want to achieve. do it so many time that your subconscious ‘think’ that is the only way to do it.
  2. Visualizing in your mind that you are doing the ‘new habit’ and feel really good about doing it, the mind can’t differential what’s real and what is imagined, so performing step 2 more will ‘fool’ your mind in thinking it really feels good and want to do it that way.

Hopefully, with this information, you can have better success in making yourself better! mentally, physically and emotionally!

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