Monkey Business 1

There once was a rhesus monkey who was put into a special cage. This cage had red, yellow and green squares. After serveral days, an “experimenter” set it up so that the red squares gave out intermittent shocks causing the monkey much pain. The monkey became anxious but soon learned to avoid the red square. Next the experimenter cause the red and yellow squares to give off intermittent shocks, and the monkey acted as if he was a manic depressive, althernating from hyper-anxiety to depression and withdrawal . The monkey soon learned to avoid the red and yellow squares and then all the square were electrified. The monkey bagan to bite itself, beat its head against the bars and defecated on himself.  You might say the little monkey had been driven crazy.

This experiment took one month. He was then transferred to a second cage with a white floor. Soft music was played, he was touched and held and fed. Within a short time, he clamed down and within two weeks he was playful and exploring his cage. He could not be seen as different from a monkey from a rhesus population that had not been subjected to the experiment.

Well, what do you expect from a dumb monkey? He’s not as smart as a man. He didn’t know how to hold onto the past forever, nor continue to anticipate disaster. He only knew how to adapt to changing circumstances.

– Monsters & Magical sticks

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One thought on “Monkey Business

  • Sari

    I find that I smoke less since the last time I stopped. I think it’s beacuse your body was deprived of something so it automatically asks for more. By telling yourself that it’s not the end of the world beacuse you started again and that it’s only a little fall and you can get back up again helps a lot. It’s like learning to walk, we will fall a few times but can get back up, though more difficult then walking just my 2 cents