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I have a friend who just gave birth to a baby girl weighing at 4.412kg, the heaviest Asian baby in the hospital’s history.  You might think.:”What is so special about it, there are baby who are larger, the baby is just bigger than usual, thats all”,  The amazing thing is, the process was done all natural, no induction medicine , no pain-killer,  no epidural, just plain natural, the way nature intended it to be, and to top that, there was also no screaming, no shouting. Now, isn’t that special?

How can it be, that is not what most of us know about in regards to delivering a baby. should there be pain? shouldn’t there be pain-killer to ease the pain? shouldn’t medication be used to help speed up the process, which we all are familiar about?

Why, because she believed this can be done, and she has a supporting husband who share the same belief.

I don’t know whether anyone of you guys/gals out there watched any documentary about mammals delivering their baby, there are also no screaming, they don’t have pain-killer, no epidural, don’t even have mid-wife, and the baby arrived into this world without any complication, or at least rarely.

If there is God, God is unfair in this aspect, why are other mammals mother enjoying this easy baby delivery process and not us, the human, the supreme life form, the peoples who worship God.  or maybe it is our own freewill that is causing this pain.

I’m my training in NLP and Hypnosis, our Mind does a lot of wonderful and sometime not so wonderful things for us. it amplified our pleasure so we have greater joy and feel more challenged to pursue our goal. sadly, the reverse is also true, our fear can also be growing exponentially and causes us to be stuck in a situation.

So it is not what happened around you that causes your enjoyment or suffering, it is how you perceived the situation to be, its your perception that is doing the trick, tricking you to take actions, or not to.

Remember, if you allow your mind to change the perception of your life, life will never be the same again! and of cause, this works both way as well. just like what Napoleon Hill said: “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!”

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4 thoughts on “Mind over body, indeed it is!

    • Rafael

      I have heard about Milton Ericson, he had been one of the great hypnotist who used to use the cvoert hypnotherapy.I truly admire him as I have started reading books as i feel hypnotherapy is the best method to reveal the truths of anyone’s life.

      • Marina

        Yes, if you believe. I’ve been hztnopiyed twice. Once with a comedian on stage and once to quit smoking. You can’t do anything under hypnosis that goes against your core values, judgment or wouldn’t normally do any other time. I quit smoking for 8 wks. until I went to a club with friends and they were smoking and I was drinking. So putting myself in a vulnerable situation, I broke my own will power and gave into the temptation. Knowing what activities that draw your attention away from what you should be doing will also help. Then figure out how come your immediate pleasure of those activities are more important than the long term pleasure from completing the task. Then try to come up with some things that will increase the pleasure of the task you have been putting off. And the pain associated with giving into procrastination. This mental list or written list will help if you decide to go to the hypnotherapy.

        • Otoy

          you aren’t good enough and never will be, and alloewd me not only to find the courage to seek out a teacher who didn’t insist my voice was small, but to finally release the tension I’d been holding all these years and let my REAL voice out. As a result, I’m singing the way I always dreamed of and being hired for roles that truly suit me, vocally and physically. I’ve never been happier.On the personal side, getting rid of those nasty little post-its helped too. For one thing, I found the courage to remove destructive people from my life, and to be happy in my own skin as a 30-something single woman. Two years ago, I met a wonderful man who adores, respects and encourages me as I am and wouldn’t change me for anything. One month after we met, we were living together, and four months after that we were engaged. We’ve been married just over a year, have four fuzzy cats and continue to love, respect admire and encourage one another every day.One last unexpected benefit: three weeks ago I slipped on gravel and broke my right hip (at 40. After breaking my left hip at 30. Who DOES these things twice, I ask you?). I’ve had surgery and am now recovering. The recording of our session has been absolutely indispensable in helping me to sleep and to control the pain.Long story short (too late!), I can’t thank you enough. I tell everyone about you and praise your techniques to the skies. You’re right: everything we need is already within us, sometimes we just need a little help figuring out where we put it!Abrazos and purrs from the Spanish Cathouse,Kathy