Does Hypnosis works?

I’m in the profession, so I’ll definitely tell you it works. but why belief me, see for yourself before you decide.

Take a look at a clip I found online, from KATV.

KATV – Breaking News, Weather and Razorback Sports

Hypnosis does works, if you want it to!
you only need to fulfil 2 criteria

  1. Have normal or above intelligent (just so that you can understand what I say)
  2. Willing to follow instruction ( So I am able to guild you there)

This should help in clearing some doubts you have regarding Hypnosis which the Movies industry have been portraying  all this years, for the sake of entertainment.
the fact is, the fears, beliefs and habits that ones has, are the result of the experience we had.

If we have not watch JAWS, we probably won’t be so afraid of the open water. Not experienced watching horror movies, or listen to ghost story, then there shouldn’t be creepy feeling when you are in the dark place.

Think about it, and you’ll know what I meant.


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